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About Jacques Beelen

The Painter

Jacques Beelen started to paint following a tragic event: indeed the death of his wife has triggered this need to construct, to apply his deep emotions on the canvas with the subtlety of the double dimension.Initially self-thought, he decides to enroll at the Saint-Gilles Academy and thereby follows the advice given by a befriended painter. He first works in the studio of Jacques Baurain and then in Vincent Baetens' studio. He then masters his art further at the RHOK academy of Etterbeek.

Very soon, his work starts to focus on abstract painting, geometrical, and orientates towards sort of a movement which relates to constructivisme. Based on a formidable reflection which was very soon elaborated with, in addition, the Rigor, he arrives at very personal compositions first in black and white then in colors which value space through harmony of the forms. His work is in perpetual search for spiritual balance and aesthetics, and the synergy of lines and plans seems to translate the expression of a timeless space in which the artist manages to find his interior peace.

As of 2003, he initiates a new course in his painting. He seeks to combine what he has discovered in his travels. In Australia, Malaysia, aboriginal painting has impressed him profoundly.During several journeys, he had the opportunity to meet families of artists in Queensland and exercises the specific pointillism (DOT) of this type of painting. Since then, Jacques Beelen conducts his picturale work moving forward in his own dream universe.



Rhok Etterbeek


Academy of art St.Gilles